The Tacoma Dome

Tacoma Dome and Mt Rainier.jpg

the tacoma dome is one of the largest wood domed structures in the world and is the fourth largest indoor arena in the united states... so let's fill it up!

The Tacoma Dome’s roof was built with 1.6 million board feet and weighs 1,444,000 pounds. 24,541,382 cubic feet of concrete was used in the construction of the Tacoma Dome. This is enough to build a sidewalk 70 miles long. The Tacoma Dome is 530 feet in diameter and 152 feet tall.

The Tacoma Dome's aluminum super-grid is one of the world's largest at 384' x 160'. The total cable length is approximately 47,661' or just over nine miles. There are over 275 support points on the Dome and the grid includes an estimated 2.5 miles of welding.

Did you know who christened the Tacoma Dome on August 11, 1983? DAVID BOWIE!